2018 General Election: Tuesday, November 6th
First Day to Apply for Mail Ballot: August 8th
Last Day to Register to Vote: October 21 (Oct. 19 by paper)
Early Voting: October 22 – November 5

Christine Svenson, a Chicago lawyer running as a Republican for the Lawrence vacancy in the 13th Subcircuit, received negative ratings from the CBA, the Cook County Bar Association, LAGBAC and the PRBA.

The CBA said Svenson was chastised by the Illinois appellate court for not following the court’s rules in a recent case; the CBA did not cite the case caption in its narrative. The ruling, according to the CBA, raised concerns about Svenson’s “knowledge of the law, legal ability and practice experience.”

Svenson is squaring off against Circuit Judge Samuel J. Betar III, who was given positive ratings by all the bar associations.


Beginning at the Intersection point of Cook, McHenry and Kane Counties, in

Barrington Hills,

Thence along the Kane-Cook County Line as follows: south, west (I-90, in

part), and south Cook Kane Rd. as extended) to the Cook-DuPage County


Thence east on the Cook-DuPage County Line (Devon Avenue and Devon

Avenue as extended) to the Schaumburg-Elk Grove Township Line,

Thence north on the Schaumburg-Elk Grove Township Line (Rohlwing Rd.,

in part) to the Palatine-Elk Grove Township Line,

Thence east on the Palatine-Elk Grove Township Line (Central Rd. and

Central Rd. as extended) to Wilke Road,

Thence north on Wilke Road to Euclid Avenue,

Thence east on Euclid Avenue to Ridge Avenue,

Thence north on Ridge Avenue to Thomas Street,

Thence east on Thomas Street to Arlington Heights Road,

Thence north on Arlington Heights Road to Hintz Road,

Thence east on Hintz Road to Buffalo Grove Road,

Thence north on Buffalo Grove to the corporate boundary of Buffalo Grove,

Thence east, north and west on the corporate boundary of Buffalo Grove to

Buffalo Grove Road,

Thence northeast, north, and northwest on Buffalo Grove Road to the Lake-

Cook County Line,

Thence west on the Lake-Cook County Line (Lake Cook Road as extended

and Lake Cook Road, also as Main St. and County Line Rd.) to the place of



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